Data Appending

Adding actionable information to your prospect or customer data will provide you with critical insight regarding your customers. IT Data Union's proprietary data append service allows you to test and select specific data. Whether you are gathering missing information, or attempting to append email or phone data, IT Data Union delivers the information you want for every data appending project.

IT Data Union can enhance your in-house database with Personalized Business Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Job Functions etc. With these solutions, you’ll gain deeper insight into your customer base, allowing you to segment and market more effectively for greater response and ROI. Our typical match rates are in the ranges of 75% - 90%, depending on the accuracy of the input data you supply.

Email Appending

IT Data Union’s Business Email Append service increases your ability to communicate with your business customers by providing their email addresses. Even though most business is conducted via email, many business-to-business (B2B) companies have customer data that lack this key contact point. By appending work email addresses to your contact list, you’ll be able to reach your customers faster, using less effort and saving money.

Data Enhancement

Data is the lifeblood of your business. The success of marketing service provider, CRM system, and business development center (BDC) applications relies on having a viable and qualified data set. It is a simple fact that in excess of 30% of your customer database will decay each year. That’s 30% of your customers who may never receive your marketing messages again. So data cleaning and data enhancement is essential for your business.

Telephone Appending

IT Data Union's Phone Append service allows you to attach telephone numbers to postal records in your database. Open up a world of marketing possibilities by adding phone numbers to your customer database. IT Data Union has experience working with customers from a wide array of industrial verticals. Our services will enhance the value of your data and help mold its contents to meet your unique needs and those of your list rental prospects.

Mailing Address Appending

Postal appending adds postal addresses to your existing email address database. Any company or organization with a database containing mainly email addresses, and in need of corresponding postal addresses or zip codes can benefit from a postal append.

Fax Number Appending

We add the missing fax numbers based on unique combination of contact name and address for each record provided by you to get accurate fax numbers. Fax appending as the name suggests is the process of appending current fax numbers by matching with our opt-in database and giving the most updated matches.

Alternate Contact & Job Title Appending

Alternate Contact Append is a powerful solution of adding an alternate contact (records) from the same company to your business, customer and prospecting records. It's a great way to reach multiple decision markers within the same company.

IT Data Union's Alternate contact append ensure your message reaches at least one of the decision makers from your targeted company, get accurate contact details with precise job title and other contact information with our Alternate Contact Append. Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns knowing who you are targeting, Use our Alternate Contact Appending Service to improve marketing campaign responses.

NCOA/ECOA Appending

National Change Of Address (NCOA) and Email Change Of Address (ECOA) services ensure that your internal database is current and up to date. Nearly 75% of the U.S. population moves every 5 years, email addresses change every 14 months on average. A current database generates higher response rates.

Reverse Email Appending

Segment your database, personalize marketing communications and enable direct marketing by enriching names and postal addresses to your email contacts. Studies have proven that targeted, personalized, multi-channel marketing generates the greatest response rates and ROI. If you have a member registration list with just emails, we can reverse append key information like Company Name, Contact Name, Job Title, Mailing Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, Phone Number, Fax Number, SIC Code, Industry Description, Revenue Size, Employee Size and Technology details.

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